The online shop makes shopping simple and convenient - make an order, choose your preferred payment and delivery method and get your new purchase as fast as possible, even on the same day. Below you can get acquainted with the types of  delivery  and see how much it will cost you.

Once you place your order, we will inform you by email and SMS about the progress of your order until you have received it.

Delivery methods:

1. Receive your order with a courier anywhere in Latvia - suitable if you want to get the product in your home or workplace. We will deliver the shipment directly to you at a specific time. Order over 30 kg are only delivered to the front door of the house (apartment house). In this case, please take care of bringing the product home (placing in the apartment). The delivery of the order will take place 1-2 working days after the customer service representative informs you (by phone or e-mail) that your order has been prepared. If you choose this type of delivery, you can pay via both online banking and bank transfer (advance payment after you have received an invoice from Before receiving the product and signing the invoice, visually evaluate the external packaging of the product in the presence of a courier! The security of your cargo during transportation is ensured by an insurance policy.

The total order weight.


-5 kg

5-10 kg

10-20 kg

20-30 kg

30-50 kg

50-100 kg

100-200 kg

200-700 kg

700-800 kg

800-900 kg

900 kg<


6,99 €

9,99 €

9,99 €

9,99 €

12,99 €

16,99 €

25,99 €

28,99 €

38,99 €

48,99 €

58,99 €

2. Delivery to EU Member States.

Price: Please contact Telephone: +371 2377 1600

3. Picking at shops:

TROLLA WAREHOUSE: Aleksandra 2b, Tukums, LV-3101, Latvija

Monday - Friday: 10:00-17:00

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: closed (Or after your appointment)

Telephone: +371 2377 1600


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